A journey of self discovery and self initiation

By Jacob Anderson-Minshall October 10 4: You can now mine your genome for clues about long-term health. You can also avoid going to a clinic, yet check yourself for sexually transmitted infections.

A journey of self discovery and self initiation

What are the steps to self discovery? To begin with, do you know yourself well? Are you clear about you want in life? Do you have a sense of purpose?

A journey of self discovery and self initiation

What makes you happy? Should this be true, you are not alone. It may also be that while you are happy with some parts of your life, there could be also parts that you do not like.

Not being happy overall with your life is an indication that are things unresolved. A great proportion of your time has been spent on working long hours, slaving away in a job and filling your days with back-t0-back activities. Your mind is just too preoccupied with things to do.

Unfortunately, not knowing yourself well can result in an unfulfilling existence. Because when you have no clear idea about what your inner values, core beliefs and goals are, you are likely to allow your emotions and decisions to be externally dictated.

Instead of making an independent decision, you adopt the values, core beliefs and opinions of your friends, colleagues or parents, as your own. Thus, you would have no clue about what your personal boundaries are, even if they have been violated.

While others can count on you for support, you are not sure that you can count on yours for yourself. How self discovery is related to the law of attraction is obvious.

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If you have no clear idea of who you are, you will have no clarity in what you want or seek. You send mixed signals out to the Universe.

Your desires and intends keep changing from day to day. Blockages To Self Discovery It dawned on me recently, that many of my friends experience the same blockages to self discovery.

While they have agreed with me the importance of knowing oneself, they found it challenging to do so. On reflection, I realised that their current state was how it was for me previously. It took me a long time to decide to commit to my personal growth.

So, ask yourself if the following is true of you: Block 1 to Self Discovery: Fear Of Finding Demons You fear the process of examining your life under a microscope. There is the fear of discovering that there can be demons in the closet. What terrifies you is that in the process of self discovery, you can come to the conclusion that you are worthless.

Or that you are not very likeable. Rather than put yourself in pain, you would prefer to stay unaware about these demons and pretend that everything is fine. From young, you are also taught to appear strong:A journey of self-discovery is a popular theme in fiction.

[3] [7] Some films use similar phrases, such as in the film Petals: Journey Into Self Discovery. [8] [ better source needed ] The film Eat Pray Love is also associated with the idea of a journey of self-discovery.

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Block #3 to Self Discovery: It Is Best To Stifle Your Creativity And Dreams You may have also been taught that it is best to stifle your dreams. “It’s easier to make a living on an Economics degree than on a degree in design,” you were told at the age of 7.

Self Discovery is a lifelong journey of exploration through our inner self, trying to discover who we are, our potential, our purpose in life, and what core principles are guiding us to take different paths along the way.

The journey starts with self-awareness then explores personal interests as well as hopes and dreams for the future.

A Journey of Self-Discovery — Through Home-Testing Kits. Today’s home tests can tell you about your heritage, cancer risks, STI s, and overall health. By Jacob Anderson-Minshall.

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The Journey Called You: A Roadmap to Self-Discovery and Acceptance by Julie Fuimano. As cheesy as it may sound, life is truly a journey and we each have our own path.

(Yes, I know, that rates an 11 on a 10 cheesiness scale) In all seriousness, however, we all have to learn how to give ourselves a break every once in a while whenever we make mistakes.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Initiation What is identity and how is it that we are socially defined by this one word? This term is so much more complex than the simple idea people give to it, the idea that identity is what makes us who we are.

A Journey of Self Discovery .. Discover Who You Are