A study of the lgbtqi concentration camps in chechnya

Background[ edit ] The status of LGBT rights in the Chechen Republic has long been a concern among human rights organizations including Amnesty International and it has been described as "especially bleak" within the context of the Russian Federation as a whole. However, in Chechnya, as in other regions of southern Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin "has empowered local leaders to enforce their interpretation of traditional values, partly in an effort to co-opt religious extremismwhich has largely been driven underground". The application in this district was denied by the Kabardino-Balkar authorities.

A study of the lgbtqi concentration camps in chechnya

Some of the detainees were believed to have died at the hands of security forces. Homophobia and intolerance are not only prevalent in Chechnya, an Amnesty International Russia spokesperson told us, but are fostered by the Chechen authorities.

According to a Novaya Gazeta report, men believed to be gay are kept in a former police station compound near Argun. These premises consist of several buildings. There have been reports of a second secret detention site identified in Chechnya.

These reports are now backed up by an increasing number of testimonies by men who have left Chechnya. Young man from Grozny, gay. Few month ago, he moved to N one Russian city. He wanted to reside there, but did not manage to get a job, and was going to return to Chechnya in the middle of March.

He tried to reach his friend back in Chechnya, but failed.

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In a week, his friend contacted him and told him, that he had been just released. He was detained by some security officials on suspicion of homosexuality. In order to get the confession, they beat him with a hose and tortured with electricity.

He reported that about 30 people were locked in the same room together with him. According to him, the security officials themselves stated that the order came from the leaders of the Republic.

The detained were forced to share the contacts of other gay men.

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The more the person informed, the longer he was detained. Another one person who contacted the Network reported that his acquaintance was also detained on suspicion of homosexuality.

Family was not informed about the reasons of detention. The young man was detained and tortured for several days. The relatives managed to identify the place of detention. The father was told that that his son would be publicly ashamed on TV and then released. The young man was indeed released, the conditions are unknown.

His whereabouts are unknown.

A study of the lgbtqi concentration camps in chechnya

But there is an information, that he never left Chechnya. The United States Concerned by Reports of Detentions and Deaths of LGBTI Individuals in Chechnya, Russia We are increasingly concerned about the situation in the Republic of Chechnya, where there have been numerous credible reports indicating the detention of at least men on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Some reports indicate many of those arrested have been tortured, in some cases leading to death.

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We categorically condemn the persecution of individuals based on their sexual orientation or any other basis. We are deeply disturbed by recent public statements by Chechen authorities that condone and incite violence against LGBTI persons.

We urge Russian federal authorities to speak out against such practices, take steps to ensure the release of anyone wrongfully detained, conduct an independent and credible investigation into these, reports and hold any perpetrators responsible. Sources Milashina, Elena and Irina Gordienko.A Study of the LGBTQI Concentration Camps in Chechnya ( words, 7 pages) Human Rights BulletinLGBTQI Concentration Camps in ChechnyaBackground information Formally, the Republic of Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation, but it does function as a .

Outing someone as gay or trans is an act of hate. A photo of bruises on the legs of an alleged victim in Chechnya gay concentration camps.

it renders the LGBTQI community personae non. The Stonewall Inn in the gay village of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, site of the June Stonewall riots, the cradle of the modern LGBT rights movement. Chechnya gay concentration camp horror as reported by the Toronto Sun on April 10, MY DISCLAIMER: Disturbing reading, not a politically correct one, because the issue discussed is not politically correct itself.

A travel guide to Russia if you’re LGBTQI At the other extreme are disturbing claims that in the Southern Russian republic of Chechnya, tortured and even killed in concentration camps.

Sep 19,  · Look, we know the Fake POTUS cares NOT for GLBT, look how he ignored gay men being forced into concentration camps to be tortured in Chechnya!

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