An analysis of the company gameloft marketing essay

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An analysis of the company gameloft marketing essay

The various console manufacturers competing with Nintendo include Microsoft and Sony. Internal rivalry within the game and console industry seems to intensify because these companies utilize new ideas in order to be appealing to various market segments, and improve market position in these areas.

Another reason for the intensified competition is that there is zero to low costs of switching. According to Porterthe high competition is stipulated by the diversity of competitors worldwide, which drives creativity in gaming technology.

Nintendo will continue experiencing intensified internal competition because of the increased number of competitors that are equal to it in terms of capability and size. According to market analysts, Nintendo might experience weakened internal rivalry due to the fast-growing nature of industry, the great number of companies that reduce strong effect of competitive strategies, and highly differentiated and appealing product-lines to various market segments.

Having in mind that many smaller gaming companies have began exiting the industry, whereas many of the established companies continue making significant profits in highly differentiated market niches, the internal rivalry remains normal to moderate.

It is explained by manoeuvring among the industry firms which still enables many companies to earn satisfactory profits.

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Threat of New Entrants Despite the existence of many opportunities for rapid growth of the industry and profits, the threat of new entrants into the video game software market is slightly limited due the considerable barriers to learning or experience. Nevertheless, the profits will continue drawing new entrants to the industry.

The problem is that the newly attracted firms into the firm will discover that they do not have enough resources and expertise to become successful. This has been exemplified by the small game developers that are struggling to absorb the increasing costs of developing games in preparation for the worldwide market adoption of new console generation.

New entrants into the gaming and console industry are most likely to be constrained in terms of capital, have less predictable cash flow and revenues, might lack product diversity, and are compelled to spread their fixed costs over a smaller revenue base.

The conspicuous barriers to enter this industry include considerable economies of scale in operations and production, strong brand loyalty to established game developers, learning curves, problems related to establishing distribution networks and retailers, and extremely high capital requirements.


Despite profit incentives continuing to attract new entrants into the industry, these very fearsome barriers concurrently hinder and prevent new firms from wielding strong competitive force.

This implies that Nintendo should expect fewer firms to join the gaming and console industry in the future.

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Consequently, the level of competition might remain at the same scale for quite some time. Threat of Substitutes According to Porterthree major factors influence the level of competitive orce exerted by sellers of substitute products.

The first factor is the availability and price of the substitute product. The second factor is related to the comparability of the substitute product in terms of performance, quality and other relevant features.

The third factor is related to the costs incurred by buyers in switching to the substitute product.

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This implies that Nintendo games serve completely different entertainment purposes. As such, it is more rational to perceive the substitute products as wielding extremely low competitive force on the gaming and console industry.

An analysis of the company gameloft marketing essay

This, in its turn, implies that Nintendo and Sony should expect relatively low levels of threats from other substitute products in the entertainment industry.

Power of Suppliers Suppliers can also wield a significant bargaining power under various conditions. Nintendo and Sony incur high costs due to the actions of their suppliers in the industry Wakabayashi For instance, supplier actions might cause an increase the costs related to switching purchases.

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