Business confidence index a reflection of

By business reporter David Chau Updated June 13, However, NAB is less optimistic about the longer term outlook.

Business confidence index a reflection of

According to the past relationship between the survey results and GDP growth, year-on-year growth is likely to remain relatively weak in the second half of We would need to see a sustained, broad-based increase in the BCI for economic growth to improve noticeably next year and beyond Consumer sentiment deteriorated across all income groups, but the drop in confidence levels of low-income consumers was particularly severe.

A confluence of adverse economic developments in all likelihood deflated the confidence levels of consumers in recent months.

Business confidence index a reflection of

Despite the negative correction in consumer sentiment during the third quarter, the latest CCI reading still reflects an above-average level of optimism In addition to the survey results for the fourth quarter, this release also incorporates the outcome of a revision of the surveys.

Previously, the BCI had a reading of 39 in the second quarter and 38 in the third quarter of Yet, concerns continue to linger; in aggregate, seven out of every 10 respondents remain unhappy with prevailing business conditions, while confidence continues to track below the neutral mark in all the sectors The SARB decided to hike the interest rate by 25 basis points bps after a rigorous debate.

The decision mainly hinged on sustained higher inflation going forward with further upside risks and the bank hoping to prevent more aggressive rate hikes in the future by acting now.

On a positive note, the Brent crude oil price continued its steady decline last week, which means local consumers may see some relief on the petrol price front next month — see the markets section. The section also briefly refers to the Brexit deal endorsed by the European Union EU over the weekend.

Globally, the focus was on the chaotic Brexit negotiations. On the data front, we unpack the latest retail, wholesale and motor trade data in the domestic section. Sales came in stronger than expected across most categories.

Business confidence index a reflection of

Combined with an expected improvement in agricultural output and the rebound in manufacturing output, this should help lift the economy out of recession in Q3.

Get it here 12 Nov In the absence of major market-moving local data releases last week, South African financial market moves were dominated by gyrations on global markets.

In the domestic section, we unpack the latest mining and manufacturing output data from Statistics South Africa Stats SA.

The September prints confirm our view that the economy likely exited the technical recession in Q3, but growth is expected to have remained weak. The Chinese trade data reflected strong growth in exports, which is set to slow when additional US trade tariffs likely kick in early next year.

Get it here 5 Nov Various domestic economic indicators were published last week - mostly reflecting tough conditions. On the negative side, the unemployment rate increased, the trade balance swung into a deficit and the Absa PMI declined.

An increase in the sale of commercial vehicles was the exception on the positive side. Internationally, preliminary indications are that the Eurozone economy continued to lose momentum in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, policy makers at the central banks of Japan and the UK made no changes to their key interest rates. Lastly, in the US, nonfarm payroll data signalled a healthy labour market with rising wages, enforcing expectations for another Federal Reserve Bank Fed policy rate hike in December.

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In financial markets, the domestic equity market tracked global bourses higher to recover strongly from recent losses Get it here Forecast publications.Survey of Business Confidence The Survey of Business Confidence is an exclusive survey published by It offers valuable insight into trends of global business confidence by surveying people across a broad spectrum of industries.

New data from RMB show a worrying dip in business confidence, with manufacturing particularly hard-hit. ”After surging from 34 to 45 in the first quarter, the RMB/BER Business Confidence Index (BCI) deteriorated to 39 in the second quarter of Confidence can help you accomplish your goals and build strong relationships.

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“Asia is a reflection of what is happening in the world,” he said. The index measuring sentiment in Australia rose to a record high of 92 in October-December from 69 in the previous quarter.

The composite RMB/BER Business Confidence Index (BCI) is the unweighted mean of five sectoral indices, namely that of manufactures, building contractors, retailers, wholesalers and new vehicle.

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