California bar exam essay advice

Can applicants answer more than four questions? When was the last time you changed the personal statement?

California bar exam essay advice

Conclusion C Ok, is that all that it meant? Now, back track to Rule c 1. This is something that might be new to you. This is pretty easy to do. The facts should be in chronological order and only include what is relevant, meaning only the facts the legal issues turn on.

I emphasize MUST because the examiners told you to do it. Ok, good, getting bored yet? Read the Legal and Factual issues.

So now the graders are going to do you a HUGE favor. And the graders will make it as clear as daylight.

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They even number it for you. Defendant was aware that Mr. Ochoa could not read English when he signed the waiver. Scroll down and look at both model answers. Side note, there is no need to get cute or creative and change the wording of the headings.

Plagiarism is good on the bar exam.


Copy what the bar examiners gave you, they like that. So now we have our issues and our basic structure.

California bar exam essay advice

This is the launching pad of your PT. This is good and is what you want. In a bar exam essay fact pattern, every single fact has some sort of relevance!

Every word was picked for a reason. In a PT, there are lots of useless facts! It will be up to you to determine what is useful and what is useless. However, getting every single useful fact into your exam answer is NOT important.

Yes, you do want to use as much as you can, but you want your essay to be coherent. They care about 1 Compliance with instructions, 2 Good organization, 3 and Lawyerly writing.

Believe it or not, the bulk of your work was already accomplished by 1 figuring out whether to write persuasively or objectively and 2 writing your issues as your headings.

You can do one of three things with the facts: I recommend Option 3. Option 2 is ok, but I would feel a little blind going into the Library without having at least looked at the facts. Option 3 is my favorite because I get a brief look at the facts, read the law, and then come back. Option 3 obviously will take the longest, but the PT is 3 hours long, and you have enough time.

Practice different ways and see what you like best. Plenty of people successfully use Option 2 as well. Nor do they want you too if it will make your exam answer too long or unreadable.

They want a solid, concise, organized answer they can read and check off as passing, not an essay with too many duplicate facts that rambles on. The Memo gave us our issues, the three documents gave us our Statement of facts.

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