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This Week National Webinar: In this webinar, Krista Osterthaler of the American Association of Poison Control Centers will provide an overview of synthetic cannabinoids and the scope of the problem among youth. She will also familiarize participants with the system of poison control centers, the data they collect and their prevention-related resources.

Child welfare

Indepth Skill Building 8-Module Curriculum for Teams Help your agency identify the needs of its CQI system and explore solutions with a deeper dive into eight key areas using this customizable curriculum for in-person training.

Use assessment and training resources to engage participants at all levels of CQI knowledge and ability.

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Improving Caseworker Contacts With Children, Youth, and Families Learn how to improve engagement with families and feedback strategies for supervisors in this learning experience. Videos, discussion guides, and assessment tools help individuals and teams identify elements of quality contacts before, during, and after visits, and ways the supervisory relationship can improve practice CEUs available.

How Agencies and Courts Improve Outcomes Together Learn how to increase communication and collaboration between courts and state child welfare agencies to promote safety, permanency, and child and family well-being. This three-module learning experience uses a case study model illustrating how agencies and courts use a shared continuous quality improvement CQI approach to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families CEUs available.

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Empowering Caregivers, Strengthening Families Watch and discuss what you hear from firsthand accounts of resource parents sharing the impact of support and collaborative partnerships when working with children, youth, and their families. Agencies can use the videos and discussion guide to explore the impact of agency staff, peer, family, and community support structures on resource parents CEUs available.

Use the four modules with associated learning activities, personal stories, and supplemental resources for individual or group training to promote dialogue, critical thinking, and practice improvement CEUs available.Home.

Tembisa Child and Family Welfare Society (herein referred to as Tembisa Child Welfare) was established in The Organisation was started to address the problems of children who were lost, abandoned or abused, used to sleep in Police cells or Hospital.

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Operating within the University of South Florida's College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, Department of Child and Family Studies, the Center works in collaboration with the Department of Children and Families to ensure information contained on this site is accurate and useful to child welfare professionals and others.

On Tuesday, November 13, the Department of Health and Human Services used their National Adoption Month celebration to highlight a new focus for the next year . Learn how to develop agency capacity and programs that foster a healthy work environment for child welfare professionals.

Individuals or teams can use the discussion guide to choose video demonstrations, presentations, resources, and activities that suit specific workforce needs.

Child welfare

Child Welfare Tshwane (previously “Pretoria Kinder- en Gesinsorgvereniging”) is a registered, non-profit child protection organisation that has been caring for, protecting and empowering vulnerable children in Tshwane since The Mission of the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center is to train and provide technical support to those working in the Child Welfare system and to support those working with us to help families and communities to safely parent children and youth.

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