Compare and contrast three theories of

Of the theories there are three which stand out as macro theories on motivation; Scientific management, Human Relations, and the Hiearchy of Needs.

Compare and contrast three theories of

New behaviors or changes in behaviors are acquired through associations between stimuli and responses Information processing leads to understanding and retention We construct our own knowledge of the world based on individual experiences Behaviorism Behaviorism stems from the work of B.

Skinner and the concept of operant conditioning. Behaviorism theorists believe that knowledge exists independently and outside of people. They view the learner as a blank slate who must be provided the experience. Behaviorists believe that learning actually occurs when new behaviors or changes in behaviors are acquired through associations between stimuli and responses.

Thus, association leads to a change in behavior.

Compare and contrast three theories of

Learning process The learning process is based on objectively observable changes in behavior. Behavior theorists define learning simply as the acquisition of a new behavior or change in behavior. The theory is that learning begins when a cue or stimulus from the environment is presented and the learner reacts to the stimulus with some type of response.

Consequences that reinforce the desired behavior are arranged to follow the desired behavior e. The change in behavior of the learner signifies that learning has occurred. Teachers use Behaviorism when they reward or punish student behaviors.

Compare and contrast three theories of

Examples and applications of behaviorist learning theory: Learners do what they are told and do not take the initiative to change or improve things.

The learner is only prepared for recall of basic facts, automatic responses or performing tasks.Here, I will examine and compare two theories of leadership and management - one from an earlier point in history and one that came about more recently in an attempt to showcase similarities and differences between the who and how each relates to my own personal style of management.

Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast the three theories of language acquisition.' and find homework help for other Language Acquisition questions at eNotes. This paper will compare and contrast three developmental theories we have learned about throughout this class: social learning theory, psychoanalytic theory, and the psychosocial theory.

Developmental theories are beneficial to understand the behavior of a child, and though some may seem very different, they can share many similarities. Mar 28,  · Best Answer: This is the information you need.

From this I'm sure you can find some similarities and differences. Good luck! The Learning Perspective The Learning perspective argues that children imitate what they see and hear,and that children learn from punishment and reinforcement.(Shaffer,Wood,& Willoughby,).Status: Resolved.

Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast three motivation theories. Provide one example of each, please.' and find homework help for other Business questions at eNotes. Compare and Contrast Functionalist and Marxist Theories of Stratification Stratification is the separation of society into layers which are distinguished by unequal rewards and life chances and many systems of stratification have been based on slavery, caste and feudalism.

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