Cons of intermediate sanctions

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Cons of intermediate sanctions

This 3 credit course is designed for social workers, psychologists, counselors, therapists, nurses and other health care professionals, and is at the intermediate instructional level.

Course Description This course reviews aging from a bio-psychosocial perspective, with a focus on long-term care.

Cons of intermediate sanctions

It is written by a therapist with experience as a clinical coordinator and case manager for residential care and skilled nursing facilities. The mental health professional can play a vital role in the well being of elderly individuals and their families and caregivers.

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Therapists can help aging individuals restore and maintain meaningful activities and a valued identity. Therapists can help families and caretakers improve their support for the aging individual as well as their own well being.

This course reviews mental health challenges of aging. These include adjustments to change and loss, cognitive changes, psychiatric disorders, and recovery from abuse, exploitation and neglect. The anticipated population of elderly persons relative to younger wage earners will produce strains in the systems of care that will lead to increased mental health and family stress issues.

This course will review the demographic changes and challenges to staff and family members posed by these changes. The older population is highly vulnerable to abuses such as fraud, violence, and neglect.

Legal and ethical issues are covered, primarily regarding reporting of suspected abuse, exploitation, or neglect. After completing this training you will be able to: This course will enable clinicians to: View aging from a bio-psychosocial perspective.

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Treat families that have issues related to aging. Respond to mental health issues to which the elderly population is vulnerable.

Cons of intermediate sanctions

Understand long-term care issues pertaining to the aging population. Be aware of alternative arrangements for the elderly.

Respond effectively, safely, and ethically to concerns regarding elder abuse.For additional resources, please visit the Principles report homepage.. Acknowledgements. The NCSL Sentencing and Corrections Work Group was staffed and this report was prepared by Alison Lawrence, policy specialist, and Donna Lyons, group director, for the Criminal Justice Program in NCSL’s Denver, Colorado office.

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