Essay on good and bad effects of media

Effects of Media on Society The media plays a big role in society that has both positive and negative effects. Yet, some wonder if the negative effects trump the positive ones. It is true people want to know what is going on in the world around them from their neighborhood to state, federal and international interests.

Essay on good and bad effects of media

It is used to build relationship among people. The use of social media by students helps to have access to basic information as quick as possible. In school, the use of online platforms such as school website will give students the right access to quality information about the school environment, departments, faculties, rules, and regulations.

It has been observed that social media has a wider and faster means of circulating information not only to the students of an institution but also to the generality of the public. Students must use all available online platforms effectively and they must be conscious of social media positive and negative effects.

They should try as much as possible to create a balance so as not to get carried away while learning. So what are the positive effects of Social Media? It Facilitate Online Learning The use of social media has helped the students to learn through various online learning platforms available to them.

Essay on good and bad effects of media

The use of YouTube to watch educational videos has helped the students to gain wider knowledge. Access to Information There are many groups that students can join through online platforms, that are related to their course of study, demographic, school, environment and much more.

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Joining this group on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and others will help the students to have access to quality information as at when needed. It helps to Gain Wider Knowledge Social media helps to enhance student academic performance and increase their knowledge through data and information gathering.

When students are been given an assignment in school, they go through various online platforms to gather information so as to find solutions to their assignment. It helps to build Relationship Students can get to know each other better through social media networks.

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It helps to bring together two or more people, where they can share their problem, which it can get solve by their fellow colleagues. What are the negative Effects of Social Media? It Waste Time Many students find it difficult to go about their normal life without making use of social media.

It has been observed that student does not listen in class, they are busy chatting and reading stories online.

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They waste their time chatting with friends and families, instead of reading and practicing what they have learned in school. It Causes Distraction Many students stick to their gadget without concentrating on their study.

It is a bad idea to waste away judicious time on social media platforms without gaining anything from it. Students should not be carried away by social media platforms because it will affect their academic performance. It causes social problems Social media has created many social problems in the society.

In these modern days, many students tend to choose online communication rather than having real time conversation, and this leads to students becoming an introvert. It Causes Health Problems The use of computers, mobile phones, and various gadgets to access online platforms by students may harm the user if they use it for long hours frequently.

Students may be exposed to bad posture, eye strain, physical and mental stress. Too much use of education technology tools for accessing social media by students is harmful and there must be a limit. All educational stakeholders must ensure they coordinate the use of social media platforms by setting up a policy that can help to regulate the negative effects aspect of social media.Positive Effects of Electronic Media on Society and Culture | Essay.

Positive Effects of Electronic Media on Society and Culture! The media like television, radio and the Internet increase an overall awareness of the masses. Negative Effects of Electronic Media on Society and Culture! Mass Media and their Role in Modern Times – Essay ;.

Social Media Has a Negative Effect on Body Image and Self Esteem Words | 5 Pages Social media has become one of the most popular sources of communication for the upcoming generation.

In the article “Are social networking sites good for our society?” () social networking is defined as “an online community that allow people to develop profiles of their backgrounds and interests, communicate with friends and strangers, and share thoughts, photos, Internet links, music, and more (p.1).

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Essay The Impact Of Social Media On Society recognized the impact social media has made in many of our lives, social media has in fact impacted and influenced society as a whole. Social media is being used more and more each day, and now things that we did ourselves are now accomplished through social media.

Mass media has had both positive and negative effects on people, especially young people who have grown up consuming media from many different mediums. Mass media has made information available to more people more quickly, and it has enabled individuals to spread their innovative ideas much farther.

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