Film thesis paper

Aristotle was the first philosopher to define the term thesis.

Film thesis paper

Monty is the pet project of Professor Pitkannan, a Nobel Laureate and government cynic. While working on his thesis, Monty loses his work when his computer crashes.


As he leaves to make copies of his sole printed version, he breaks his ankle and drops his thesis down a steam vent and into the boiler room of Widener Librarywhere he sees a disheveled man reading it, then burning the thesis page by page.

The homeless man demands compensation for not burning it. Monty calls the university police, who arrest the man, but the thesis is missing. In his court appearance, the man's name is revealed to be Simon B.

After convincing the judge to dismiss the charges against him, he is then held on contempt. Monty pays Simon's fine to get his thesis back. Although Simon blames Monty for getting him kicked out of the library, the two of them work out a deal: Simon will give one page for each service Monty provides.

Simon takes up residence in Everett's broken-down van in the backyard of Monty's house. Confronted by his roommates, Monty assures them he will get Simon out quickly. Simon mentors Monty, and the two become close friends. Monty discusses his absentee father, and Simon responds by showing him his collection of "memories", a bag of stones, each of which reminds him of a specific memory.

With time, some of the roommates appreciate Simon's presence. Courtney appreciates the new, gentler Monty, and Everett agrees to exchange wine for Simon's fixing the van. Jeff, however, resents paying for extra food and fears the possible reactions of his visiting parents.

On a particularly cold night, Jeff rejects Monty's request for Simon to sleep in the cellar, threatening to move out with his share of the rent.

When Monty lies to Simon, Simon sees through his deception and leaves. After the others leave for Christmas break, Simon sends a homeless friend to deliver the rest of the thesis and a philosophical message.

The friend tells Monty that Simon does not want to see him but gives Monty his location; Monty finds Simon in the street, wheezing and coughing. Monty takes Simon home and tells him he can stay there as long as he likes.

Simon tells Monty he has asbestosis from his days in the Merchant thesis contents blog writer for hire Thesis title about film as the main academic writing of mba thesis proposal guidelines.

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Film thesis paper

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