Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed explain your answer

It seems like we should get to the bottom of this…. However, since we all enjoy a moment in the sun from time to time, perhaps this issue deserves a bit more explication.

Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed explain your answer

Information about the Musculoskeletal and Skin Systems Introduction Adolescents, and many adults, take the health of their bone, muscle, and skin for granted.

Only when there is a problem such as a broken bone, a muscle sprain, or a skin blemish especially before an important event do people think about these vital body systems.

Health problems that affect bone, muscle, and skin are common. In fact, muscle and bone problems have prompted the World Health Organization to declare the years — the Bone and Joint Decade.

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Thirty-eight nations, including the United States, have endorsed this initiative. This section provides an introduction to the musculoskeletal and skin systems, including their involvement both in maintenance of good health and their dysfunction in disease.

As such, it uses language and concepts not appropriate for middle school students. Our intention is to give you enough background that you will be able to assess your students' understanding of the topic and be equipped to answer their most common questions.

The musculoskeletal and skin systems and their functions are topics that are extremely well suited for middle school students. As stated in the National Science Education Standards NSEStopics related to human biology are especially relevant to middle school students because students at this point in cognitive development begin to understand the relationship between structure and function.

Students can integrate structure-function relationships in the context of human body systems working together. Figure 1 Looking Good, Feeling Good: In this module, students learn that their bones, muscles, and skin fulfill many roles that enable a person to complete complex voluntary tasks as well as involuntary actions that are essential to health.

The information about the musculoskeletal and skin systems will also help students achieve the content standards related to Life Science, particularly concepts related to the structure and function of living systems. In addition, this module addresses standards related to Science in Personal and Social Perspectives personal health.

The concepts conveyed will also address several of the National Health Education Standards. Misconceptions about the Musculoskeletal and Skin Systems Adolescents, like many adults, have perceptions about their musculoskeletal and skin systems that are likely to be incorrect or incomplete.

Almost every day, people are exposed to material on television or radio or in the newspapers about a new medicine, exercise, treatment, product, or diet that can influence their health.

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For example, advertisements promote "nutritional supplements" that will build muscle without exercise or dieting. Adolescents hear, see, or read about many over-the-counter treatments for acne—a condition about which they are especially aware because of their age.

Many teenagers will try these products in search of help. Teenagers also receive inaccurate information about acne from peers or family members who believe that acne is caused by eating chocolate or other sweets.

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In addition, pharmaceutical companies often advertise prescription medications that are used to prevent disease. Although these medications can be valuable when used correctly, the advertisements do not give a complete picture.

Generally, science textbooks for middle school students present limited scientific information on the musculoskeletal and skin systems. As part of the presentation on the major body systems, science textbooks include a diagram of each of these systems with the parts labeled and some cursory information about their functions.

Too often, however, this information becomes a vocabulary exercise without conveying any real understanding of how these systems work or regulate a vast array of physiological processes. Some misconceptions about the musculoskeletal and skin systems are the following: Muscles are only used for voluntary physical actions like walking, running, or throwing.

Skeletal muscles are probably most familiar to middle school students even though other types of muscles, cardiac and smooth, are essential for life functions. The heart muscle is composed of a different type of muscle cell cardiac muscle cells and beats to move blood throughout the body.

Smooth muscle cells line blood vessels and the intestinal tract to help move blood or food through those passages. The tongue is made up of muscle cells that enable us to speak and is also an important part of the digestive system.

Your muscles turn to fat if you quit exercising.


Misconception 2 is common not only among adolescents but also among adults and reflects a basic misunderstanding of how the body works. If a person stops exercising, his or her muscle cells may decrease in volume and become smaller. At the same time, a person may increase the volume of fat cells in his or her body.

This concurrent change may give the impression that muscle is becoming fat, but this is not the case.

Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed explain your answer

Fat cells are different from muscle cells; muscle cells do not turn into fat. Bones are not living structures. Adolescents may have conflicting ideas about whether bones are living structures, depending upon the context of the situation they are considering.

On the one hand, they may believe that bones are just hard things that hold the body up and have muscles attached to them. On the other hand, teenagers recognize that broken bones heal.Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed?

Explain your answer. Title: SUNTANS & SUNBURNS: A CASE STUDY in the INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM Author: Jennifer Lockwood Last modified by: Lockwood, Jennifer Created Date: 2/5/ PM Other titles. Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed?

Explain your answer. A deep tan is a sign of severely stressed skin. The deepness is a reflection of the overprotection of melanin to protect the bodies DNA of the skin.

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When repeat damage is done, melanin is compromised and considered useless. Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed? Explain your answer.

Title: Human Anatomy Author: Vance High School Last modified by: 00, 00 Created Date: 11/16/ PM Company: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Other titles. Explain. 4. What type of radiation has caused the burn? 5. Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed?

Explain your answer. Due to this type of burn the skin becomes severely painful, red, inflamed, and blister appear (Marieb, )*.

Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed explain your answer

The cause of . Explain your answer. ·A deep tan is a sign of severely stressed skin. When skin is exposed to UV rays, cells called melaoncytes produce brown pigment melanin, which darkens skin the cells of .

There's nothing healthy about a tan Tanning in Australia is common, with Australia having the second highest melanoma rates in the world for both males and females – second only to New Zealand.

If you think tanning gives you a healthy glow, think again.

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