Lehigh application essay

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Lehigh application essay

By Alex Bloom — Read time: Approximately 30 percent of those who applied to attend Lehigh in the fall of were accepted. This year, Lehigh received 12, applications from prospective students.

Early decision applications, which have an earlier deadline than regular decision applications, are binding, meaning that if a student applies early decision to a university, and the university accepts him or her, the student must attend that school.

When applications are received by Lehigh, they are reviewed by admissions counselors.

Diagnostic information:

Leon Washington, the vice provost for admissions and financial aid, both said the task for the committee is to bring in a well-rounded class with the right mix of diversity in gender, race, geography and first-generation status, among other Lehigh application essay.

It also has to be sure to avoid an enrollment problem, such as what happened with the Class ofwhen more students than anticipated enrolled in the university. Rather, they want people to see that the admissions process takes into account everything a candidate brings to the table. But at the same time, its not just about number.

It really is a human process. Bombard interviewed the prospective student, who was from the Midwest and was interested in the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts, and Sciences program, and said that although the student was very shy before his interview, he was enthusiastic about enrolling in the program at Lehigh.


The committee unanimously voted to offer him admission to the university. One male student from Florida was admitted to Lehigh in part due to his good leadership qualities, which were exemplified through the small business he runs. While there are many applicants for whom a good essay with a compelling message plays a large factor in their admission to Lehigh, some essays can hurt applicants.

For example, one student applying to the P. While the admissions committee liked the sentiment behind the statement, the members were clearly concerned with the way in which it was phrased. Seven committee members voted to place the student on the wait list, and six voted to admit him.

However, according to the admissions committee, being a legacy is not a guarantee of admission.

Lehigh application essay

The final tally was 10 votes for the wait list, four to deny and one to offer admission. This sometimes means placing applicants on the wait list, even though they have strong credentials, because they have shown limited interest.

Students initially showing limited interest, however, do not always follow the predicted pattern. One student now enrolled in the Class of boasted a perfect score on the verbal and math sections of the SAT.

Originally he was placed on the wait list, but chose to attend Lehigh after ultimately being accepted. An example of this dilemma from the session was a prospective student from a key market for Lehigh admissions, who was valedictorian of her class with a competitive ACT score.

He wanted to preserve the relationship in an area that tends to produce many future Lehigh students.Explore key Lehigh University information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more.

Lehigh application essay

Application Checklist. Please use the interactive checklist below to customize your application experience.

It contains all the necessary forms that Lehigh requires as well as specific instructions to guide you through the process. Don't let the numbers scare you.

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Most already know that nursing homes aren't cheap, but the cost of nursing home care depends on many things. Length of stay, location and size of the room all play into the nursing home cost of care. The Lehigh MSAF Admission Requirements include: Application and $75 application fee; Essay (must be uploaded to online application) Current resume (must be uploaded to online application).

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