List some of the things that german romantic poets liked to write about

Germany[ edit ] German Romanticism was the dominant intellectual movement in the philosophythe artsand the culture of German-speaking countries in the lateth and early 19th centuries. Compared to English Romanticism, German Romanticism developed relatively late, and, in the early years, coincided with Weimar Classicism — ; in contrast to the seriousness of English Romanticism, the German variety of Romanticism notably valued wit, humour, and beauty. Sturm und Drangliterally "Storm and Drive", "Storm and Urge", though conventionally translated as "Storm and Stress" [6] is a proto-Romantic movement in German literature and music that took place from the late s to the early s, in which individual subjectivity and, in particular, extremes of emotion were given free expression in reaction to the perceived constraints of rationalism imposed by the Enlightenment and associated aesthetic movements.

List some of the things that german romantic poets liked to write about

She wrote a series of plays each to illustrate a particular passion of humans, Plays on the Passions. She was born into a pious Presbyterian family. She was an outdoors person, a close observer of nature, enjoyed riding, and had a natural gift for story-telling with which she entertained her school friends.

She could not read until the age of nine. She attended a boarding school in Glasgow where she developed many interests — drawing, music, writing and acting in plays. She visited the theatre and it was the seed of a passion that would last for life as she wrote scores of plays.

JB's first poem, Winter Day, was a long poem evoking the sights and sound of winter in her neighbourhood, Long Calderwood. Thommo recited an excerpt.

It is a dark and fearful night when a snowstorm is brewing: Loud blows the northern blast-- He hears its hollow grumbling from afar, Then, gath'ring strength, roll on with doubl'd might, And break in dreadful bellowings o'er his head; The farmer is glad to check on his poultry in the shed and hurry back to his bed.

KumKum noted that Joanna Baillie's plays were successful. Thommo remarked that in those days plays written by women were rarely staged, but Baillie maintained hers were meant for the stage, not the closet.

Joanna Baillie consigned half her writing income to charity and supported chimney sweeps. She helped many authors and poets down on their luck. She also corresponded extensively with Sir Walter Scott, and from it flowed a deep friendship. Apart from reading and writing which he learned in a school, he was tutored at home by his mother.

He was sent to a drawing school and later apprenticed to an engraver for several years and and at age twenty-one became a professional engraver himself. He became a student at the Royal Academy but rebelled at the principles of its leading light, Joshua Reynolds.

He married Catherine, a woman who though illiterate he was fond of. Later he taught her and they became collaborators. In Blake took to the process of relief etching. The printed pages from these etchings were later hand-coloured and that is how many of his famous illuminated works, including Songs of Innocence and of Experience, were produced.

He disapproved of institutionalised religion. He has written an epic poem Jerusalem which is often quoted. Another is The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. A segment of Jerusalem gave its name to a film, Chariots of Fire. Here is that splendid verse: AND did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England's mountains green?

And was the holy Lamb of God On England's pleasant pastures seen?In some cases, when the list of reviews and critical sources proves immense, I have provided a selected list. Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank the contributors to this project.

list some of the things that german romantic poets liked to write about

Like the poets about whom they write, the contributors represent a diverse group of . The romantic period includes the work of two generations of writers. The first generation was born during the thirty and twenty years preceding ; the second .

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