Meetei mayak essay

Namthak Langda thubaga pangkhakni" Manipur da ngasi Suspension of Operation SoO gi makhada santigi wari sannabani haiduna chatharakliba Drama asi taseng tasengba namthak amani. Hiram asida houkhiba yawol lalhou kayagi laaibak kari oikhibage haibadu neinaba yai. PKI-na matam chana mahakki meeyambu Khutlai paibagi lalhou ama mai pakna lamjingbagi mahutta makhoina khutlai thadokhi. Asumna malemgi oina khwaidagi chaoba Communist Party ama oiramba The Communist Party of Indonesia PKI mutkhibaga loinana houjik chahi Yangkhei hellabaphaobada amuk hanna Indonesia da Communist ki ihou sagatpa ngamkhidre.

Meetei mayak essay

In what is reported to be a build up for a major clash between NSCN rivals to decide who stays or goes, people of Zunheboto are bracing themselves for the impending showdown Tension heightened after some fifty heavily armed men of the NSCN I-M cadre arrived Zunheboto town Wednesday morning and camped in North Point near Zunheboto College.

Youth and menfolk of Zunheboto formed a barrier between North Point and Amphoto colonies in order to prevent the clash between the rival NSCN factions. At around 6 a. This was evident when some one hundred heavily armed NSCN I-M activists arrived from Lotsomi side Thursday to reinforce the fifty-odd already camped in North Point colony besides occupying Hekiye village.

He said the DAN government did nothing to ask the rivals to vacate the buildings in clear violation of the cease fire ground rules. He said due to this the administration also became "inactive" in the situation. He also accused the Rio government of keeping mum when the rivals continued to occupy the forest department office that has been turned into their Hebron camp.

Mulatonu demanded that the rivals should be immediately asked to vacate the camp called Hebron.

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He also demanded that the Government of India take up the matter in evicting the rivals from their Hebron camp. The guns at Zunheboto remained silent on Saturday but public live under constant fear of fresh eruption of factional violence even as the administration continues to plead with factions to leave the town.

It may be recalled that on Friday a four-year old boy was killed and the year old aunt carrying him sustained injury by stray bullets during a faction clash in Zunheboto town. Ashang Tangkhul and Maj. The plea to both factions to leave Zunheboto fell on deaf ears. He further conveyed condolences to the bereaved family and expressed gratitude to the doctors and staff of Bethel Hospital for their "dedicated care".

NBCC dons the mantle of peacemaker again Kuknalim. Undeterred by cold vibes from the NSCN Khaplang and the failure of its previous initiatives to unite warring groups, the Baptist Church in Nagaland has donned the mantle of peacemaker once again The page booklet, aptly titled Healing and Reconciliation, was released at a meeting of representatives of various organisations, including the influential Naga Hoho.

Church leaders said they would meet the NSCN K leadership on October 5 in a bid to convince the militant group to join the peace bandwagon. The Chu-rch intends to organise a series of roundtable talks at the level of kilonsers ministers of various militant groups. However, the Church may not be party to the proposed talks.

Meetei mayak essay

The Telegraph Students can lead a revolution: Minister for School Education Imkong L. Imchen on Friday observed that students had it to lead a revolution in Naga society, saying they could rise above petty politics and work for betterment of the State Terming education as a weapon that could be used for constructive purposes in the society, Imkong said, "The art of politics and governance is quite different from the art of education.

But they are practically not united due to the practices of tribalism," he added. Imkong, however, said, Nagas needed to retrospect on their "mistakes and change their mindset" to foresee a "flame of unity.

The chief guest later donated Rs. Moa Imsong and Dr. Jungmayangla Longkumer received Rs. A year old class ten student of Naga Bazar Baptist School suffered head injury when one jawan of the 11 IRB fired from close on the head.

The victim was rushed to Naga Hospital and is in a critical condition. Hospital sources said year old Lumtiplung Kamei was bleeding profusely from the head as his brain box has been badly damaged and brain matter oozing out.

The incident occurred on Thursday night while the victim among six others were returning home at around It was reported that when challenged the boys responded that they were going home in an arrogant manner and this angered the jawans.

As a result a verbal argument ensued between the boys who were in an inebriated condition and the IRB jawans. The IRB jawans then chased the boys and rounded up three of them at gun point above the panchayat hall. One of the three managed to escape and later the second did the same. During that time, one of the enraged jawans fired from point blank range at Lumtilung.

The bullet, after hitting the victim, pierced the wall of a house belonging to one Mhabemo Odyuo and smashed a glass frame in the sitting room.

However there was no one in the room at that point of time.It was only right that amidst the controversy about the number of letters in the Meitei mayek or the Manipuri alphabet, the Government of Manipur in , decided to accept 27 as the preferred number of letters (Manipur Gazette, No.

33, ), regardless of what numbers they were originally. Meitei (also Manipuri / m ə n ɪ ˈ p ʊr i /, Meithei, Meetei, Meeʁteilon) is the predominant language and lingua franca in the southeastern Himalayan state of Manipur, in northeastern India.

It is the official language in government torosgazete.comg system: Meitei alphabet,, Eastern Nagari script, Latin alphabet. 11 hours ago · Complete e-platform for Manipuris. A Platform for all the Manipuries to showcase their rich cultural heritage and talents.

Manipur's First Online News Service. pattern recognition Essay Information Science and Statistics Series Editors: M. Jordan J. Kleinberg B. Scholkopf ¨ Information Science and Statistics Akaike and .

Yawolloi Luchingba Irabot - Revolutionary Leader Irbaot. likes. Lamyanba Hijam Irabot- Maning makha tamlaba Manipur bu India na loi chansinnaba. Meetei-Mayek is the script which was used to write Manipuri till the 18th century.

The script nearly became extinct as a result of a mass burning of all books in Meeteilon ordered by Ningthau Pamheiba who ruled Manipur in the 18th century. The king embraced Vaishnavism, took the name Garibnawaz and made Vaishnavism the state religion.

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