Performance excellence criteria for educational leaders essay

In this first segment, I introduce the general concepts, terminology, and history of comparative performance measurement in policing. The second segment, which will appear in the next edition of the CALEA Update, will show you how to develop, pilot-test, and implement comparative performance measurement in your agency. This article is one small part of a larger effort by CALEA to explore the feasibility and utility of agency-level performance measurement in policing.

Performance excellence criteria for educational leaders essay

Performance excellence criteria for educational leaders essay

Management To many people, strategic planning is something meant only for big businesses, but it is equally applicable to any type of business entity or organization. Strategic planning is matching the strengths of an organization to available opportunities. To do this effectively, an organization need to collect, screen, and analyze information about its environment.

The organization also needs to have a clear understanding of its strengths and weaknesses — and develop a clear mission, goals, and objectives Wikipedia, n. Acquiring this understanding often involves more work than expected. So how does an organization gauge how well they are doing in term of matching their strengths to available opportunities?

A self-assessment using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence can help an organization achieve high performance and move toward performance excellence Balbridge. One of these categories is strategic planning and it contains ten questions that are not routinely asked on how an organization can function more efficiently.

The questions I will cover are: In addition, this paper will also describe the following: The following are the objectives for UC Basic IT resources that are adequately supported and refreshed in order to carry out their research, teaching and learning, and administrative work.

Seamless, integrated, immediate, and continuous self-service access to information and services. Robust technology tools to support collaboration. The UC-Bolder defined their strategic objectives as the following: Universally available wireless network including all campus buildings and strategic open common spaces as well as access to a campus VPN.

Faculty purchase and renewal program allowing all faculties a significant subsidy for a new computer every several years. Free antivirus and encryption to protect data as well as access to a variety of major software licenses.

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Integrated email, calendaring, and scheduling Exchange. Accessible and multi-layered IT support including both centralized and dedicated IT personnel.

Classroom and online IT training. Although I did not go in depth about their objectives and timetables, clearly in each report, both universities exclusively defined what their IT strategic plans and objectives are for their future success.

By clearly defining what their goals and needs are, both universities mirrored the Baldrige criteria for strategic planning.

Secondly, one of the ten questions asked in Baldridge criteria for strategic planning is how do you ensure that financial, human, and other resources are available to support the accomplishment of your action plans? In other words, how do the universities convert their strategic objectives into action plans through resource allocations?

UC Boulder satisfied that question by having approximately employees in the Information Technology Services. In addition, UC Boulder has also clearly defined how they will allocate their IT resources to ensure they meet their strategic goals. Their means of resource support simply stated: With goals and objectives clearly defined by both universities, a plan of action must take place.

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According to McNamara n. Action planning often includes specifying objectives, or specific results, with each strategic goal. Therefore, reaching a strategic goal typically involves accomplishing a set of objectives along the way — in that sense, an objective is still a goal, but on a smaller scale.

Often, each objective is associated with a tactic, which is one of the methods needed to reach an objective. Therefore, implementing a strategy typically involves implementing a set of tactics along the way — in that sense, a tactic is still a strategy, but on a smaller scale.

He added that action planning also includes specifying responsibilities and timelines with each objective, or who needs to do what and by when. It should also include methods to monitor and evaluate the plan, which includes knowing how the organization will know who has done what and by when.

They attempt to address new technologies in their plan, but unlike UC Berkeley, they do not address it specifically. Last but not least, the Baldrige criterion asks the question. Is this a common practice among the IT community to not take into account the importance of measuring the effectiveness of their IT strategies?

We are more goal oriented, not number oriented, in our process. One UC Berkeley goal was to wire the campus, not count the number of nodes that are actually installed. Clearly in my opinion, both of the universities failed one area of the Baldridge criteria and are not showing any efforts and thoughts into establishing proper measures of effectiveness into their plans.

Performance excellence criteria for educational leaders essay

In conclusion, in comparing the strategic IT plans of UC Berkeley and the University of Colorado at Boulder, similarities and differences become quickly evident.In the United States, community colleges (once commonly called junior colleges), and increasingly just "college"s, are primarily two-year public institutions of tertiary community colleges also offer remedial education, GEDs, high school degrees, technical degrees and certificates, and a limited number of 4-year degrees.

MEASURING THE PERFORMANCE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES Part 1 of a 2-part article appearing in the CALEA Update (Published September ).

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I. INTRODUCTION. This is the first segment of a two-part article on measuring the performance of law enforcement agencies. Customer-Focused Outcomes: Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Text additions to this Item of the Education Criteria are highlighted in yellow below. Scoring Changes. Principle 4: Give prompt feedback.

By knowing what you know and do not know gives a focus to learning. In order for students to benefit from courses, they need appropriate feedback on their performance.

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The M.S. in Educational Leadership from WGU is for experienced professionals wanting to become a certified principal, vice principal, or assistant principal.

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