Research papers on family therapy

You are welcome to pick the one that you most passionate about and use it for composing your article. By no means should these topics be what you write about word for word but you can use them to influence your decisions, and take them as prompts as to what to study. Social psychology research topics What are the main factors that can affect social cognition within a family? What are the roles of aggression and violence in social psychology?

Research papers on family therapy

Several are noted below: Treatment Focus What is the problem? An acting out teen? An over-controlling and hyper-functional parent? If you target and change one but not the others, is that a success? Family therapy holds they are all inter-linked, so how can you say one is more important to treat or more important to track for research outcomes?

Definition of Success If a miserably married couple divorces after couples therapy, is that a therapeutic failure? What if you ask people instead of theories? Treatment Model — many different schools of family therapy use the same techniques e.

So, how do you include these overlapping techniques in one therapy model which you think will prove superiorand remove them from a compared model without hamstringing it? Finding your method is significantly more effective compared to another method when the second method is purposely weakened means little.

Retention and Relapse Family therapists traditionally have been more concerned than individual therapists with issues of retention during treatment, and relapse prevention after treatment.

This means that showing a large effect size for some kind of family therapy at the end of treatment with the families that stay in treatment means little. What about the ones that dropped out? How long does the treatment effect last? Family and couples therapy is often much more flexible.

Some therapists stick with the one-hour-once-a-week model. Gottman, for example, does not, and will initially see couples for more than an hour, and by the end of therapy will space sessions out to perhaps one a month as a way to reduce relapse.

True Improvement versus Halted Decline Liddle et al. The issue is that when married couples in treatment are compared to married couples on a wait-list, the couples on the wait-list decline into the very distressed range.

Thus, the treatment really has only to halt the decline in order to yield significant results. Methods — Methods in family therapy are varied, and range from self-report questionnaires, observational techniques, and physiological readings, to therapist rating scales. Self-report questionnaires are easy to use and score, but limited in what they reveal.

Further, what does it mean if two family members disagree significantly in their responses?

10 factors in Family Therapy Research

Do you average the discrepant scores? Always pick the spouse whose first name comes first in an alphabetical list? Observational techniques are very time consuming and require great inter-rater reliability, but reveal a lot. However, the task used to observe the family shapes the results; conflict-management-tasks pull for negative emotions and conflict, while game-playing-tasks pull for problem-solving and easy communication.Family Therapy Research Paper April 19, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Family Therapy (also: Systemic family therapy) is a psychotherapeutic that study systemic relationships and interpersonal relations in a group as a basis for diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders seen and interpersonal conflicts.

The Good Marriage Revisited By Tamera L. Hill A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree With a Major in Marriage and Family Therapy Approved for Two Semester Credits Investigative Advisor The Graduate College.

Research papers on family therapy

Marriage, Family & Relationships Research Paper Topic Suggestions. African American Family - African American Family research papers discuss a sample of a paper order on how to order an observation paper, with specific questions to answer on the topic..

American Family - Sociology research papers state the ideal family in America is the nuclear family . Students writing their research paper on Family therapy must know that the history of the family therapy approach provides the family system or the organizational system of a company as a resource, based on the individual members of both his abilities and strengths and can develop behavioral problems.

I think of family therapy models as being on a continuum from “theory based” to “research based.” Of course, most models fall somewhere in between, rather than at the extremes, but the distinction is not that different than that seen.

Family Systems Therapy research papers overview the psychotherapy approach developed by Murray Bowen.

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