Sg141 business plan

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Sg141 business plan

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sg141 business plan

The tenderers shall be deemed to have closely studied all rates contained herein and duly noted their implications. The products and materials to be used in the contract shall be governed by the specifications, Drawings and other documents forming the contract and not this Schedule of Rates.

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Description of Works and Inclusions 7 Unless specifically stated otherwise, the following shall be deemed to be included in the description of the item of work: Openings or voids which are at the boundaries of measured area shall always be the subject of deductions irrespective of size.

Billing of Quantities Fractions of the unit less than half shall be disregarded and all other fractions shall be regarded as a whole unit. Fractions of a unit less than half shall be disregarded and all other fractions shall be regarded as a whole unit. Where the unit of billing is the tonne or litre, quantities shall be billed to the nearest two places of decimals.

The increases in bulk and any extra excavation required for earthwork support, planking and strutting and formwork for concrete shall be deemed to be included in the rates.

In such cases, a working space of mm shall be measured from the external face of the structure. Any thickness stated shall be deemed to be after compacting. Link buildings, linkways and other structures shall also be similarly measured.

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No deduction shall be made for the precast formwork panels. Only the net area covered shall be measured and no deduction shall be made for opening less than 1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Billing of Quantities contained in the General Preambles, the pay length of reinforced concrete piles shall be billed to the accuracy of nearest of 10mm.

No deductions shall be made for openings of 0.

Chapter 21 Accounting - [PDF Document]

Should scaffolding be required separately just to execute the work, it would be paid as an extra item. During the continuance of such work, the Contractor shall keep proper records of the names, occupations and working hours of all workmen employed for such work and the quantities and descriptions of all materials and construction equipment employed.

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