The crimea problem essay

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The crimea problem essay

Roadmap The Crimean crisis The crimea problem essay is an ongoing international crisis, related to the larger issues surrounding Ukraine and Russia. Crimea is a strategically-important peninsula at the southern end of Ukraine.

Its population is a mix of Ukrainian, Russian and Crimean Tatar, and Russian is the predominant language. The city of Sevastopol is an administratively separate municipality, its naval yards on long-term lease to Russia, which has used the city as home to its Black Sea fleet for a couple of centuries.

Crimea became part of Ukraine as part of a transfer during the Soviet era.

The crimea problem essay

Inarmed and masked men, believed to be Russian and operating with military-level effectiveness, seized control of public installations in Crimea Sengupta, Russia then oversaw an internationally-invalidated referendum and voted in the Duma to annex Crimea.

Russia then moved its troops officially into the region. The paper will discuss the history of the conflict, along with an analysis of the situation as it currently stands. Russia overran the peninsula, seizing it as part of her empire, valuing in particular the harbor at Sevastopol, a city the Russians founded in for its Mediterranean naval base and as a bulwark against the Ottoman Empire.

Russia transferred Crimea to Ukraine while both were part of the U. Other parts of Crimea remained Russian-speaking. Since its inception, Ukraine has been split between Russian-speakers and Ukrainian-speakers.

The latter have weaker ethnic and national identity, The crimea problem essay to attempts to strengthen this identity, particularly vs. The result has been a political split of the country between those who view Russia sympathetically and those who do not Conant, Russia claims that it is responding the needs of Russian-speakers in the region, but more likely the move is to secure the militarily-strategic region to defend its own interests.

Western intervention, to this point, has been minimal.


Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas, and the U. Whatever its interests, Russia violated international law in its annexation of Crimea. Concerned citizens are not able to execute the rapid, sweeping seizure of public buildings including Ukrainian military bases -- these were Russian special forces.

Intervention is justified on those ground alone, let alone on the human rights risk to the Crimean Tatars and the Ukrainians living on the Crimean Peninsula. Intervention has other benefits, aside from being the right and justified thing to do. Russia is already militarily active in the Russian-speaking areas of eastern Ukraine.

Furthermore, there is concern among the Baltic nations that Russia is looking at overrunning them as well, as part of this expansion, as Moscow has already begun creating its pretexts for invading those countries Evans, Lastly, there is a significant pro-to intervention now on behalf of Crimea -- it sends a clear signal of intent to Russia that the West is going to rule the day in Europe.

All of the actions from World War Two onward have sent this signal, and the victory in the Cold War solidified the values of democracy, openness and freedom in Europe. Aiding this cause is a moral obligation, one that the West has born for decades. To allow Russia to run roughshod over these values in Ukraine sends the wrong signal not just to Ukraine but to the entire world, that the West is more interested in vapid consumer culture than in defending the very principles that makes such indulgence possible.

Short Essay on the Crimean War ()

That said, there a lot of problems inherent with a Ukraine intervention. Europe does not have much appetite for such intervention. Russia is a very formidable foe, with a nuclear arsenal capable of devastating Europe. One a more benign note, Russia is also the major energy supplier to Europe, particularly natural gas.

Europe would suffer tremendous economic problems if it lost access to this gas, compounding the economic problems another war would cause. For Europe, sacrificing parts of Ukraine is a calculated risk that Putin is not just the next Hitler.

The country has squandered its desire for a fight on two pointless, indulgent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The result is that very few have the heart for a serious conflict with Russia. Taken at face value -- always a risk -- the reality is that Crimea is a very Russian place, as is eastern Ukraine.

It can be argued that Russia bringing these places under its umbrella is, despite it being a violation of international law, not entirely unreasonable, and certainly not to the point where one would engage in open conflict over the issue.Successful Accession of Crimea to Russia Essay Words 7 Pages The crisis in Ukraine and Crimea’s recent accession to Russia are events that clearly highlight the underlying sources of conflict in global politics.

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The table below presents an abbreviated geologic time scale, with times and events germane to this essay. Please refer to a complete geologic time scale when this one seems inadequate. The Crimean War Essay Sample. The Crimean war () demonstrates fundamental changes in the nature of warfare.

* Identify the ways in which wars were changing with examples (tactical implications of the changes) * Explain root causes of these changes. The Crimean war demonstrated the fundamental changes in the .

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