The gender unit paper

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The gender unit paper

What if he gets kicked out, or even worse, assaulted? This is where one might be asking themselves, why would anyone assault a man for using the bathroom?

Well, this man just so happened to have been born biologically female. Shaw and Lee It is also important to note that gender and sexuality do not correlate.

Transgender individuals may be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, etc. Dru Levasseur, a lawyer for Lambda Legal, deals with the stress and anxiety that this experience has caused him on a daily basis Bender-Baird 5. Dru is just one of many transgender individuals with a story such as this.

In fact, fifty three percent of the transgender respondents to the national study that took place in reported having experienced verbal assault in public facilities while eight percent reported physical assault Bender-Baird 2.

The fear of being harassed or assaulted in the bathroom leads to many transgender individuals avoiding them altogether. Not using the bathroom can cause serious health issues such as urinary tract infections, kidney failure, constipation, hemorrhoids, as well as anal fissures.

If continuously forced to use the bathrooms which correlate with their sex and not provided a gender neutral option to use within all public spaces, transgender individuals face the dangers of harassment, violence, and health issues.

The gender unit paper

Recently, especially in the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion on the rights of transgender individuals to use public facilities.

A study observing those individuals who have attended college showed that Colleges are not the only places where this issue is being discussed, however. Many state governments, such as North Carolina and Washington, have been discussing anti-discrimination laws in relation to transgender rights.

In February of this year, Washington senators denied the Senate Bill that would restrict transgender access to the bathroom with which their identity correlates. This particular claim is the most common one used by the opposition in their argument against inclusive access.

Those of the opposition fear that allowing this access will put women and children in danger from male predators. Currently, the state of North Carolina requires individuals to provide proof of their sex by birth certificate when using the restrooms, allowing for discrimination against transgender citizens.

Gender segregation in bathrooms only first came about in the Victorian era to support the growing idea of female modesty. Before that, men and women would use the same privacies or outhouses Schilt and Westbrook In some European countries, such as France, as well as some college campuses in the United States, such as The New School, there are functional gender inclusive bathrooms.

The separation of genders within bathrooms is meant to promote gender policing, a form of what Foucault calls disciplinary power Bender-Baird 2. This disciplinary power is fueled by the gender binary and the ways in which those of different genders are ranked within that binary.

This can be seen through an analyzation of the ways in which the oppositional concerns uphold the views of a patriarchal society. The argument that the opposition makes concerns only those who present as female or those who are children, portraying cis-gender women as weak individuals who cannot protect themselves.

This statement also delegitimizes the identity of transwomen, portraying them to actually be men. The way in which the opposition conveys women to be weak and in need of protection, just as children who are the least powerful group, shows their argument to be sexist in nature.View Essay - SS Unit 4 Assignment from SS at Kaplan University.

1 Running head: A Study in Gender Roles A Study in Gender %(9). Gender Reflection Paper #5 The unit on gender discusses a wide array of issues such as gender roles, gender identity, socialization, sexism, feminism, patriarchy and many other important topics related to these issues.

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This paper is a product of the Gender and Development Unit, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network. It is part of a larger effort by the World Bank to provide open access to its research and make a contribution to development. The process towards Habitat III includes the elaboration of 22 Issue Papers and the creation of 10 Policy Units.

The Habitat III Issue Papers are summary documents that address one or more research areas, highlight general findings, and identify research needs on topics related to housing and sustainable urban development. Islam, Gender, Women Unit Statement of Purpose: The Islam, Gender, Women (IGW) Unit uses non-traditional programming to address meta-questions of the study of gender and women in relation to Islam and Muslims, to support the mentoring and development of its scholars, and to create resources and scholarly networks to advance the field.

The gender unit paper

The Gender unit Paper The common theme in the short stories “A Pair of Tickets”, “A Rose For Emily”, and “Girl” is expectation. Each main character experiences a feeling of expectation from either within themselves, from others, or a cultural norm.

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