The musical culture of the country of burundi essay

What do I need to know about verbal and non-verbal communications? Many things are similar to Canada.

The musical culture of the country of burundi essay

Popular topics April 28th, All essays on American culture generally explore the customs and traditions of the USA, a country with distinct cultural background encompassing food preferences, language, religious affiliation and much more. American culture would be of great interest to everyone who is fond of learning new things about the world around.

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Current American culture essay will discuss the most peculiar aspects of the US customs and traditions. The following essay on American culture will deal with such elements of the US culture as language, religion, American style and food, music, sports and some others. The paper will start from providing general background to make it clear to the readers that American culture encompasses various aspects that will be briefly analyzed in the following essay about American culture.

First, it is important to provide a few general facts about the USA. The United States is known as the third largest state in the world.


Since the very beginning, the USA has been home to people with diverse cultural backgrounds. It is known that almost every region in the world has somehow contributed to the American culture, as this country has long been a country of immigrants, since the times when it was colonized by the British.

Just like the nations across the world have greatly influenced the American culture, nowadays, the US nation influences the cultures of other countries all over the globe. Some immigrants coming to the USA keep some of their traditions and language, but integrate into the American lifestyle in a number of ways.

At the same time, lots of immigrants bring something new to the American culture so that it continues to change and evolve. The next issue to be discussed is the language of the USA. According to the American government, the United States has no official language.

These are some of the most frequently used non-English languages that are widely spread across the USA. It is estimated that over languages are commonly used in the USA.

These languages are divided into several groups according to their prevalence across the territory of the country. Another cultural aspect to be discussed is religion.

The Role of Music in Human Culture - Thought Economics

The USA is known to practice almost every world religion, which is explained by the rights of US citizens to choose whatever religion they like. This phenomenon is known as religious freedom.

The musical culture of the country of burundi essay

Jeans, baseball caps, boots, sneakers and often cowboy headwear are among the pieces of clothing that are most commonly associated with the American style. Such American brands as Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret and Ralph Lauren have long become known all over the world being especially popular in their country of origin.

American fashion is largely influenced by the style chosen by celebrities as well as the one reflected in mass media. Another aspect to be analyzed is American food. This aspect raises concern among Europeans and other nations, because American food is known mostly for its unhealthy qualities and the use of genetic modification.

Such American foods as hamburgers, potato chips, hot dogs and meat loaf are among the most widely known examples of traditional American meals.

The Role of Music in Human Culture - Thought Economics

Apple pie is also very popular with Americans being an authentic part of the US cuisine. The types of foods vary depending on the region. It includes such meals as fried chicken, corn bread and greens.

The cuisine of Texas has been influenced by the Mexican and Spanish styles of cooking. It ranges from burritos to shredded cheese and chili. It is also common for Americans to eat various snacks such as dried meats and many more.The idea that music is the universal language is only true insofar that it is music but music has different meanings from culture to culture.

Folk music is different from culture to culture The word happiness doesn’t exist in German, so we have to make do with music to fill that void. Burundian Musical Instruments Most of the traditional songs of Burundi are played with specific instruments such as “inanga,” “idono,” “ikihusehama,” and “ikimbe.

” The inanga is an instrument composed of six (6) to eight (8) strings which are stretched out in a wooden concave bowl. Burundi is a small landlocked country in Central Africa wherein it is surrounded by other countries including Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.

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The musical culture of the country of burundi essay

ABSTRACT The purpose of this report is to examine carefully and thoroughly about the culture of Burundi which includes the determinants of the culture, analysis of the culture by using Hofstede, Trompenaars and Edward T.

Hall frameworks, the project GLOBE and lastly the conclusion which can be done to improve the culture system in Burundi. We discuss the fundamental question of ‘what’ music is and the role of music in human culture.

We also explore the business of music, and how technology has impacted the production and consumption of music around the world. The Center of Burundi Culture, founded in , provides support for traditional art forms. Located in Bujumbura, it sponsors a "living museum" that honors the artistic aspects of people's daily lives as well as an open-air theater, a botanical garden, a music pavilion, and a crafts village.

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