Write android apps in ruby

Here is a list of things you need first: Complete all other fields and the next few sections of the wizard as normal. Selecting Toolchain Default uses the default CMake setting.

Write android apps in ruby

Follow this tutorial to create a small, useful Ruby application. As Ruby is primarily an object-oriented language with classes and objects, you can jump right in and create a class to encapsulate behavior.

The instructions begin with a simple version of the application, and then expand it. Along the way, you will learn what makes Ruby tick.

write android apps in ruby

The example application will serve two purposes: Demonstrate some features of Ruby. Do something useful in the process.

write android apps in ruby

A word on the title: What You Need This tutorial assumes that you already have a current version of Ruby installed, and you have a code editor handy. NetBeans and Eclipse work fine as well. Simplifying File Launching Ruby is primarily a text-based, command-line-oriented language.

Some GUI libraries are available, as well as multiple Web application frameworks, but exploring GUI development with Ruby is beyond the scope this article.

Click below to watch a two minute overview of RubyMotion.

The goal here is to write something that works from the command line. The example task is simplifying file launching. Given a text file maybe a Ruby source code filesuppose you want to create a way to launch it in some associated application from the command line.

And you want to launch it without having to keep track of file types and application associations. Yes, Windows already does this, but your application will have additional features that go beyond this simple behavior.Mirah looks a lot like Ruby but it's statically typed.

You can use Mirah to develop Android applications. Have a look. You can also use Ruby, by taking advantage of the JVM (JRuby). Daniel Jackoway developed Ruboto in last years' Ruby Summer of Code.

Ruboto allows you to develop Android applications in Ruby. Have a look.


The Apps created thereafter depend on JRuby (jruby-jars) at runtime to provide full access to Android's Java APIs. Installation is straight-forward and easy. Please read the Requirements.

10 Minutes to Your First Ruby Application There's no better way to experience the elegance and power of Ruby than to fire up your code editor and start writing Ruby code.

Rhomobile, the company behind the Rhodes framework that allows developers to write native applications for almost all smartphone platforms in Ruby, has just released version Rhodes. Android: Programming & App Development For Beginners (Android, Rails, Ruby Programming, App Development, Android App Development) - Kindle edition by Samuel Shields.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets/5(19). It’s a great Ruby library, but it’s hard to collaborate with other non-ruby developers.

Plus, you’re depending on the maintenance of a 3rd party library over the long run. If you want to build top tier native mobile apps, its worth the investment to learn the appropriate language.

10 Minutes to Your First Ruby Application